Ministry of Education & Training Covid-19 Updates

Updates on the Ministry of Education & Training's response to the global outbreak of Covid-19. This page is updated periodically. For enquiries about content on this page, please email

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Last update: Wednesday, 8th April 2020, 1300 Local Time.

Covid-19 Timeline

 07-May-2020 | MoET Covid-19 Contingency Plan 2020

The document explicitly defines how the Ministry's resources, including key staff and specific responsibilities, communication channels, and logisitics will be utilized prior, during, and after the emergency.

Document: MoET Covid-19 Contingency Plan

 03-April-2020 | COVID-19 Prevention and Control in Schools Guidelines
 31-March-2020 | TSC Circular No. 1 of 2020: Clarification on the SOE Declaration

Following the State of Emergency (SOE) delcaration made on 25th March 2020, the TSC makes some clarification on the responsibilities of Directors, SBM Unit, PEOs, Provincial Inspectors, SIOs, Principals, Teachers and School Councils.

Document: TSC Circular No. 1 of 2020

 22-March-2020 | Declaration: School holiday for Port Vila, Luganville, SHEFA, SANMA & TAFEA.

The Honorable JEAN PIERRE NIRUA, Minister of Education & Training declares the holiday for schools in Port Vila, Luganville, SHEFA, SANMA and TAFEA Provinces according to Education Act No. 9 of 2014.

Document: Order No. 32 of 2020

 21-March-2020 | MoET Reassuration Note to Parents - Tertiary Education

The Director General of MoET sends a reassurance to all students overseas (VanGov, Partial, Bilateral Scholarship) and their parents.

Document: MoET Reassuration Note to Parents - Tertiary Education

 21-March-2020 | MoET Advisory #1 to PEOs

MoET sends an advisory to all Provincial Education Officers, Principals and parents and guardians of students in Kindy, Primary and Secondary Schools regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.

Document: MoET Advisory #1 to PEOs

 20-March-2020 | Approval of Emergency Operation Center Structure

The Director General of MoET approves the Emergency Operation Center Structure of MoET for implementation.

Document: Approval of Emergency Operation Structure

 18-March-2020 | Covid-19 Advisory Message to all MoET Staff

The Director General sends an advisory message to all MoET staff regarding Covid-19.

Document: MoET Covid-19 Advisory Message to all staff.

 03-March-2020 | NDMO Direction 15: Closing of the Schools

Directives under Clause 2 Sub Section 1 of the State of Emergency Regulation Order #35 of 2020.

Document: NDMO Direction 15 on the Closing of Schools