Classroom Management

The MoET developed a Handbook in 1989, which provides you with the necessary guidelines and procedures on how to administer your school effectively, has been written with the help of many experienced to people and I hope you will find it useful.

In this Edition new sections were added, especially procedures which help clarify how you should do things. The new or significantly revised sections include administrative procedures, enrolment, school registers and records, school committee guidelines, termly and annual reports, classroom assessment, physical education guidelines, examination guidelines and Health Promoting schools.

Document NameSection Number
Administrative Procedures13
Annual Tasks for Head Teachers08
Boarding Organization27
Classroom Assessment17
Classroom Organisation10
Examination Guidelines21
Extra Curricular Activities19
Furniture and Equipment22
Guidelines for Community Involment and School Committees23
Guidelines for School Gardens25
Health Promoting School Concepts26
Keeping School Records09
Ordering Text Books and Stationery30
Organisation new school buildings28
Physical Education Guidelines20
School Health and Hygiene - Part 111
School Health and Hygiene - Part 224
School Registers and Records16
Seeking Assistance from Foreign Missions29
Termly Routines for Head Teachers07
Termly and Annual Reports18
The Staffroom12
The Work of Primary School Head Teacher04
The Work of a Primary School Teacher05
Weekly Routines for Head Teachers06