Conference Papers

The following documents holds records of Senior Education Officers Conference. This conference is held at end of every working year. The Documents below includes Presentations, Minutes, Resolutions and other valuable information.

Document NameYear
2013 SEO Resolution Progress Report2014
2013 SEO Resolutions2014
Awareness Training of New National Curriculum (SIO)2014
Brief Updates on 2015 Planning2014
Brief Updates on the 2013 SEO Resolution Progress Reporting2014
East Asia-Pacific Early Child Development Scales (EAP-ECDS)2014
Formation of National Polytechnic of Vanuatu2014
Implementation Plan, Education Act No. 9 of 20142014
Importance of Early Education2014
Key Findings of 2013 Annual Statistical Digest2014
MALAMPA Education Evaluation and Assessment, Year 1-6 Teachers2014
Minutes (Day 1)2014
Minutes (Day 2)2014
Minutes (Day 3)2014
Minutes (Day 4)2014
Minutes (Day 5)2014
National Curriculum Updates2014
National School Games (VIT)2014
Organization Structure Changes (Bislama)2014
Organization Structure Changes (English)2014
Rationalization of Secondary Schools2014
Resolutions of the Examination and Assessment Unit, 2013-20142014
Results Framework Brief2014
Students' Welfare2014
Training and Scholarship Coordination Unit (TSCU)2014
UNICEF Study of Parental Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices (KAP) related to Ealry Childhood Development2014
Update on the Progress of the MOET Quarterly Progress Reportings2014
VITE Strategic Plan, Goals and Objectives2014
Vanuatu Institute of Technology (VIT)2014
Vanuatu Personal Evangelism and Healing Ministry (VPEHM)2014
Vanuatu Qualifications Authority2014
Vanuatu Teritary and Higher Education2014