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Last update: Monday, 13th March 2022, 1300 Local Time.

MOET EOC Update Reports on TC Judy/TC Kevin

 06-March-2023 - 13-March-2023 | TC Judy / TC Kevin Reports

The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) is currently managing the Education Cluster to respond to two (2) natural disaster events: Tropical Cyclone Judy and Tropical Cyclone Kevin. The responses are targeting schools (ECCE, Primary, Secondary and PSET). The documents contains all the information for the assessments and responses by the MOET and NGOS (Donor Partners).

MoET EOC Report 01:
Doc: Daily Assessment Report 1 - March 08 2023

MoET EOC Report 02:
Doc: Daily Assessment Report 2 - March 09 2023

MoET EOC Report 03:
Doc: Daily Assessment Report 3 - March 10 2023

MoET EOC Report 04:
Doc: Daily Assessment Report 4 - March 11 2023

MoET EOC Report 05:
Doc: Daily Assessment Report 5 - March 12 2023

MoET EOC Report 06:
Doc: Daily Assessment Report 6 - March 13 2023

MoET EOC SITREP Report 01:
Doc: Daily SITREP Report 1 - March 13 2023

MoET EOC SITREP Report 02:
Doc: Daily SITREP Report 2 - March 13 2023

MoET EOC SITREP Report 03:
Doc: Daily SITREP Report 3 - March 16 2023

Find below are Education & Training Rapid Needs Assessment Forms - Standard & PSET

Doc: Education Rapid Needs Assessment Form - Standard - March 2023

Doc: Education Rapid Needs Assessment Form - Standard TVET - March 2023