The core purpose of the Vanuatu National Curriculum is to provide a quality, relevant and harmonized curriculum to all students in Vanuatu from preschool to year 13.

Through the delivery of quality curriculum, students will be well prepared to contribute to the future work force of the country by having relevant skills and knowledge that will enable them to be self-reliant and active in the economic development of the country.

Document NameYear
Sante Annee 2N/A
Sante Annee 5N/A
Sante Annee 6N/A
Document NameYear
Apprendre a Vivre au Vanuatu Annee 8N/A
Etudier pour reussirN/A
Gagner sa Vie au Vanuatu Year 8N/A
Histoire de nos iles Annees 4N/A
Histoire de nos iles Annees 5N/A
Human Needs and Environment Year 8N/A
L'Homme ses Bessoin et son Milieu Annee 8N/A
L'eau Guide du maitre Année 6N/A
La Vie Urbain Annee 9N/A
La merN/A
La vie dans les communauteseleves
La vie dans les communautesenseignant
Learning to Live in Vanuatu Year 8N/A
Les arbresN/A
Living in Communities Studentr's Guide Year 7N/A
Living in Communities Teacher's Guide Year 7N/A
Living in Towns Year 9N/A
Making a Living in Vanuatu Year 8N/A
Nations and Government Year 9N/A
Nations et GouvernementsEleves Annee 9
Nos Communautes Guide pedagogique Annees 1-6N/A
Nos communautes Guide de l'eleveN/A
Nos communautés Gudie du maitreN/A
Nos familles7e
Nos familles7e
Nos iles notre peuple7e
Nos iles notre peuple7e
Nos premiers pas ensemble eleveN/A
Nos premiers pas ensemble enseignantN/A
Notre Societe en Pleine Evolution Annee 10N/A
Notre environnement Guide Ped Annees 1-6N/A
Our Changing Society Year 10N/A
Our Family Student's Guide Year 7N/A
Our Family Teacher's Guide Year 7N/A
Our island our people Student's Guide Year 7N/A
Our island our people Teacher's Guide Year 7N/A
Programme Unifies de l'ecole primaireN/A
Quest ce que l'histoire7e
Quest ce que l'histoire7e
Quest-ce-que l'Argent Annee 8N/A
Question de Population Annee 10N/A
Social Science - Teacher's Guide (Year 1)N/A
Social Science - Teacher's Guide (Year 2)N/A
Social Science - Teacher's Handbook (Years 1-6)N/A
Starting Together Student Book Year 7N/A
Starting Together Teachers Guide Year 7N/A
Study for SuccesN/A
The Story of our Islands - Student's Book (Year 4)N/A
Tourism in Vanuatu Year 8N/A
Tout savoir sur les MST Annee 10N/A
Travailler Ensemble Annee 9N/A
Understanding Money Year 8N/A
Understanding STDsN/A
Using ResourcesN/A
Utilisation de Ressources Annee 8N/A
What is History Student's Guide Year 7N/A
What is History Teacher's Guide Year 7N/A
Working Together Year 9N/A